Project Proposal

UAL Awarding Body – Level 3 Extended Diploma
Project Proposal – FMP Y2.

Candidate Name: 
Emma Jay Davidson
Candidate Number: 10665447
Course: Graphic Design, Illustration, and Game Arts – Illustration Pathway
Project Title: Ready Player One

Section 1: Review

Throughout my time at college, I have experimented with many new mediums and processes. I have fallen in love with painting with acrylic and watercolour, working with photoshop, doodling intricate little details, creating landscapes, and creating patterns using lines and shapes. These are all aspects of art I would love to bring into my FMP, however, I would also like to experiment and play more with some things I only got to experiment with briefly in the course.

Some of those things are one, two, and potentially even three point perspective drawings; mixed media pieces; letterpressing; hand-drawn typography; drawing from life; creating my own textures; and collage.

I have always stayed somewhat in my comfort zone during my projects at college, but for my FMP I really want to push the boundaries of what I think I’m capable of.

Section 2: Project Concept

My initial inspiration for this project came from my Mom while we were discussing books. She told me that she could never visualise places, things or people described in fictional novels she read, which lead me to thinking that a lot of people probably have this same issue. Personally, I have such a vivid imagination and love for books that I don’t have any trouble visualising those things, so I would love to share that vision I have with other people.

I know many of my peers probably won’t have the same issue as my mother because they, like me, are creative individuals with vivid imaginations. However, after some discussion with them, they reassured me that as artists they would love to see another artist’s rendition of what a certain entity may look like, as it can be a form of inspiration or even just something to admire.


Upon delving further into this idea, a huge personal inspiration for this project stemmed from two things – Harry Potter by JK Rowling, and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Each version of the books I own are illustrated covers (Potter by Mary Grandpré, and RPO by Whiskey Tree), and every time I set the respective book down after reading I would find myself admiring its cover. The idea that everybody envisions written word in such different ways is fascinating to me, and I would love to emulate that in my project.

Artwork: Mary Grandpré – “Diagon Alley”.

Section 3: Evaluation

This is a project where I am really stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something that I think is a pretty incredible feat, for myself at least. However, it is the concept that I really clicked the most with while I was brainstorming, and so I know I will have the drive to see it through and enjoy creating it throughout.

I have a lot of worries about potential problems cropping up, such as issues with using mediums and techniques I’m not well-versed in using – for example, the one/two/three point perspective, bringing together a mixed media piece, and working with new paints like gouache. However, I have been quite thorough with my time planning in this project (something I am usually not so good at doing), so I am hoping to give myself enough leeway to play, make mistakes, and embrace them in order to create a beautiful piece of artwork.

In this project, I’m focusing less on everything being “perfect” as I usually do, and more on expressing the feelings and emotions the text evokes in me through my selection and use of mediums, techniques, and composition.

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