My Final Piece: End Product and Presentation

I created my final piece primarily on photoshop; adding textures I had created with gouache paint into places such as the background and on the globe to help add interest to the piece. I created it on a canvas that was two times larger than I needed it to be in order to preserve the resolution if anything went awry in the file, and to ensure that the image would retain a lot of information and clarity when scaled down.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 15.34.23

When I completed the landscape I flattened the image and opened it as a new file, adding ruler lines alongside the template I had created for the cover. I used these rulers to act as guidelines for where I was placing text; using the original Ready Player One book cover as a reference for what text I placed, and where I placed it.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 15.34.47

After spending some time looking for the perfect fonts, I finally settled on the ones seen on the cover above. I wanted the type to match the landscape I had created, so I picked out a fuschia pink and a baby blue to use alongside black and white. Originally I used a yellow exclusively to color the text, but decided that it didn’t quite fit the theme I was after.

I used black drop-shadows on every piece of type to ensure it was legible, as I was worried about using two colours that feature frequently in the background clashing against a similar colour and becoming un-readable. After asking for second opinions from my peers and lecturers about my choice of type, I made some final tweaks and prepared my piece for print.


I was unable to present my work how I had originally hoped to upon a plinth, so I had to adapt to the situation and compromise. I had my book cover printed on an A2 sheet and cut it down to size on the guillotine. I then folded it around the hardback book very carefully until it was secure, and placed it open with the spine facing outwards. I presented it in front of a Macbook which showed an image of the landscape itself, alongside my information and my artist’s statement (shown in the bottom right-hand corner).



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