Two Point Perspective

I think two-point perspective would be the most effective method to use in order to create this cityscape. The Distracted Globe is at an intersection, so two point perspective would allow me to create that much easier than one-point perspective.

To teach myself two point perspective I did it in much the same way I did with one point perspective – through an instructive video. Namely, this one:


Following along with the video, I drew this page in my sketchbook to get a better understanding of how the method worked. The concept is extremely similar to one point perspective, so it wasn’t too difficult to get the hang of.

2 Point Perspective.jpg

After this, I decided to attempt using it to make a very rough concept for my final piece.

2 point perspective experiment.png

This task definitely helped me to understand how two-point perspective works, and how I am going to use it to help me create the landscape for my final piece. I am still quite confused about how some parts of it will work (how to make everything appear bigger and not too spaced out, where I should place the horizon line, etc), but with more experimentation, I think my understanding will increase to a point where I can coherently create a landscape.

Sources Used:

Fussell, M. (2015). Two Point Perspective. Available at: (Accessed 17 May. 2017)


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