A Change of Plan

When I set out to start this project, I thought that it would be nice to illustrate places from books I’ve never read before, so that the pieces I create are in no way, shape, or form accidentally influenced by other pieces of art, films, etc surrounding the book. However, after some thought and discussion with my peers I have decided to narrow down the amount of final pieces I create, and that the books I create them for will only be books that I am familiar with.

What kick-started this idea was when thinking about how many pieces I could create. Pushing myself to create too many will definitely mean the quality of my work will suffer, and the outcomes will not be as polished, refined, and detailed as they could be. With the time given, I think I can create at least 3 solid outcomes which can hold a lot of detail, have a solid level of refinement and reworking, and will leave me enough time to rework areas entirely in case of any problems or mistakes that may arise. By nature I am a very clumsy person, so allowing myself the breathing space to correct mistakes is definitely something I need to do.

The 3 places I am definitely going to attempt to create are Diagon Alley from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, The Distracted Globe from Ready Player One, and Hobbiton from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. These are all fictional destinations I am familiar with, and franchises that I know and love. This means that I understand the vibe and ins and outs of each book, so I can set each scene accordingly to not only the given text itself, but of the rest of the book too. This also gives me the opportunity to include little Easter Eggs in the artwork; paying homage to a running joke, theme, object, etc within the books. This is not only something which I find exciting in other peoples’ work, but it is a huge overarching theme of Ready Player One, in which the entire storyline is based around solving puzzles about 80’s pop culture to unlock the Easter Egg hidden within the OASIS.

If I wind up with more time on my hands than I originally expected, I may attempt to create other smaller pieces dedicated to other books. However, for the time being my main goal is to create the 3 pieces of artwork for Harry Potter, Ready Player One, and Lord of the Rings.


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