Artist Research: Feng Zhu

Feng Zhu is an industry veteran and mind-blowingly incredible concept artist. He works almost entirely in photoshop, designing art for many different fields – film, triple-A games, TV commercials, and toy design. His clients include:

Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Sony, Activision, Industrial Light+Magic, NCSoft, Warner Brothers, Lucasfilm, Bay Films, Epic Games, and many other top studios. In Hollywood, he has worked closely with well established directors including George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Michael Bay and Luc Besson.

cited from his website.

In Singapore, Spring 2009, Feng Zhu founded the Feng Zhu School of Design – a specialised education field that is rarely found in Asia. He opened its doors to train professionals and students alike, that wanted to find their way into the entertainment design industry.

To this day, Feng Zhu works for highly renowned clients all around the world, creating original content and designs. He also has a youtube channel with many free tutorials on it, which I may refer to in order to help me create my final pieces.


My favourite pieces of Zhu’s work are his landscapes. They’re always illustrious and sweeping and full of depth and colour and detail that makes them so wonderful to look at. Some details are so minute they can’t be seen unless they’re zoomed in on, all making for an extremely visually interesting piece. I would love to incorporate this sense of depth and interest into my own work.


I am very fond of the sketchiness of these two pieces – how the colour and basic forms are enough to derive a sense of depth and tone and the overall feeling of the piece. I will begin the painting of my own work in this way, as I believe it looks extremely effective.


These two pieces are very similar, but also exceedingly different in their own right. They are each based upon the same brief, which shows me how important colours and lighting are when setting a scene. The colours and shading of the painting on the right make it much more appealing to me than the painting on the left.


The sheer amount of detail shown in this painting is absolutely incredible to me. The clash of the cool tones against the bright warm tones makes the piece very visually interesting, and draws the viewers eye right to the middle of the page.


Again, the use of the warm tones against the cool tones totally draws my eye to the warm tones in the piece. There is an incredible amount of depth and detail shown here, and it is drawn in such a way that your eyes are lead around the image. The purple and blue tones in this image are absolutely beautiful.

I would love to include Feng Zhu’s use of colour, depth, perspective, and detail into my own work, as I believe those are some of the key components of his work that I admire so much. I hope to emulate some of his techniques as I am going to be using Photoshop just as he does; using the preset brushes and such to create a stunning landscape.

Sources Used: (2011). Feng Zhu Design. [online] Available at: (Accessed 26 Jun. 2017)

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