Project Action Plan

A link to my action plan can be found here on google classroom.

It will be added to at the beginning of each week and tweaked throughout, in order for me to be able to effectively plan my time. Column by column, it shows the following:


  1. The first column shows which week of the project we are on, spanning from week 1 to week 21
  2. The second column shows the week beginning date in black text at the top. Beneath that in pink text it shows what phase of the design cycle I should be in by this point, and what I should be aiming to achieve during the course of the week
  3. In the third column is a breakdown of my week day-by-day. This will be roughly filled out at the beginning of each week and tweaked as it goes on, so that I know what I have done and what needs doing. This means I can use my time more effectively each day.
  4. The fourth column shows a list of the resources I will need in order to complete the tasks I have set myself for the week. This has been roughly filled in at the beginning of the project, and will be added to as the project progresses and I decide to do more things (for example, attending workshops). This allows me to be well organised and make sure I have all the materials I need to complete my work to a high standard.


Additionally, below the table, there is a key to show why I have changed text to a certain colour. Colour co-ordinating certain events and dates helps me to plan my time more effectively, as I am a visual learner.


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