Speed Dating Activity

Today GIGA transformed our room into a “speed dating” hub – one very long table, and chairs on either side. We then had to sit opposite one of our peers and discuss our project, allow them to give us some feedback on it. We then had to switch roles, listen to our peer tell us about their project, and give them some feedback on it. Below is the slip of paper where I recorded my feedback from Wiki, Sam, Matt and Zach.

scan-0001 (7).jpg

Wiki told me to mock up examples of my project, and experiment with every idea that I had for each piece before settling on a final.

Sam told me to look into poster forms that we learned about in first year, where movie posters and such will follow the shape of a letter, such as I or Z, to draw in the observer’s interest and have them subconsciously read things in a particular order.

Matt told me to experiment with designing a landscape as it is described in a newspaper article or a piece of non-fictional text in order to get some experience with what I am trying to achieve. Even though I will be drawing strictly fantasy lands for my final pieces, it might be good to try and draw a few places that really exist first to get a feel for it.

Zach told me to look into the author H.P Lovecraft, an American author who wrote horror fiction, as he is really inspired by him. He also told me to delve into the Cthulhu Mythos book, wherein the lost city of R’lyeh is described in great detail. He thought it would be a landscape for me to draw.

After the task, I wrote down how their feedback would help me further my knowledge in my project, and 3 ideas I got out of the session.


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