Procrastination Mood Board

To help me get some ideas for my project, I created a mood board comprised of images of things that I like and things that inspire me. It also has the overriding theme of cool tones, because I enjoy the aesthetic of cool toned images.


Some of the things I included are games I enjoy, patterns I find visually appealing, different takes on the formal elements that I think look effective, movies and TV shows that I love, and landscapes that I find beautiful.

I created this to help me gather some new ideas for my project – what mediums I could use, what I could draw inspiration from style-wise, and what colour palettes I could use amongst other things.

Sources Used:

Glagowski, P. (2017). Portal in augmented reality looks super neat. [online] Destructoid. Available at:
<> (Accessed 1 Mar. 2017)

Wordboner. (2012). N/A. [online] Available at: <> (Accessed 1 Mar. 2017)


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