Final Major Project – Brainstorm

To kick off my final major project, I created a mind map of ideas in order to start coming up with some ideas.

scan-0001 (6).jpg

I wanted my final major to be based on something I am passionate about and would enjoy doing, so that I will want to work on it and get it completed to a high standard. I explored the ideas I liked surrounding themes like synesthesia, and vaguer ideas like repeat pattern. I brainstormed ideas, many of my possible outcomes and ideas linking together in different ways. However, the idea that appealed to me the most was Landscape Design – the idea I liked the most has been surrounded by pink and yellow lines.

scan-0001 (5).jpg

After realising that Landscape Design was my favourite idea, I decided to expand upon it. I made a big list of possible books I could design the landscapes from, some parameters surrounding the idea for my project, and some possible outcomes. This list would be good to reference when writing my project proposal.

scan-0001 (4)

After creating my list of ideas, I decided to go more in-depth on my outcome for the project by making another mind map. I developed some ideas, and pointed out some flaws (e.g. copyright issues) in others. Personally, I like the idea of designing new book covers and dust covers the best. These book cover pieces could then be used to create art prints and merchandise, just without the text covering them. However, there are copyright issues surrounding selling pieces like that, so I would have to do further research into that field if I decided to sell my work.


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