Wreaths and Banners

After creating a type face, I decided that I needed something to contain the words instead of having them floating in space. While floating text can be made to look effective, I enjoy how wreaths, banners, and speech bubbles can further contextualise what the words mean.


I first designed various banners, making them fold and bend around each other to allow space for more words or for a different effect. I thought these looked really effective, so I added shading and trims and dots to make them more unique. The banners with multiple writing spots can be used for sentences, or even 2/3 words separated onto each part to make a statement. I will definitely use this in one of my project pieces.

After the banners I added wreaths of varying sizes to the empty spots, trying different ways of laying out leaves, adding more vines, adding flowers, adding berries, etc. I think the more organic shapes look brilliant, while the more structured ones look less visually appealing. If I can find a way to use a wreath in my final I will, as myself and my peers both think they look stunning.


I was thinking about creating a comic for my final piece, so decided to see how I could express different emotions and feelings through speech bubbles. I annotated them with ideas of what said emotions could be and coloured them with proposed colours. I really like the “getting angry” bubble as it is full of motion and I think it does a great job at representing somebody getting angry. I also think the “thoughts/unsure” bubble is nice as it is very minimalist, but gets the point across.


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