The Sad Ghost Club

The Sad Ghost Club (SGC) is the self-proclaimed club for anyone who’s ever felt sad or lost. It’s the club for those who don’t feel like they’re part of any other club.

They are a small two-piece project from the South West of England that create beautiful merchandise to help spread positive awareness about mental illness. Alongside this, they host talks and workshops surrounded emotional well-being and mental health. They are huge advocates for self help and spreading good vibes, which is really inspiring to me even outside of this project. I have been following their progress for several years now, and draw great inspiration from them in my project.

Guide to Self Care A6 Zine

Some of their most stand-out works are their zines and comics about mental health, and portraying it in a non-condescending, reassuring fashion. They are very cute and approachable – their use of bold colour, imperfect linework, and endearing characters are all huge contributors in this. They also come at a very reasonable price (for example, the one shown above is £5) for everything which is lovingly jam-packed into them.

You Matter Postcard Pack

Many of the paintings are done by hand using gauche and watercolour. The colour palettes are tasteful and aesthetically pleasing, commonly containing cool tones and pastel shades with splashes of brighter colours too. The typography is also very sweet and homey as it is obviously hand-written and carefully considered – I really enjoy how this ties into the theme of each piece.

Pocket Print Club Tee

Their merchandise is not just limited to paper however; they create wonderful clothing too! This particular shirt is an original screen printed design. Even without colour, the illustrations are gorgeous and eye-catching with bold usage of negative space and intricate details.

I admire everything this brand stands for, and the execution of each new piece they produce. In my project I would like to emulate the sense of normalising and destigmatising mental illness in a friendly, not-in-your-face way as the SGC do so successfully.


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