Editorial Illustration and Visual Metaphor


The illustration pathway was given the task of creating an editorial piece of illustration containing visual metaphors, inspired by or to go alongside a news article. My chosen article was about the sudden rise in hate crimes against minority groups upon Trumps election for presidency, especially the LGBT community. I spent a long time considering how to visually portray this article, as I chose it because it is a topic I hold close to my heart.

Nearing the election, Trump unfurled a Gay Pride flag at a Colorado rally bearing the words “LGBTs for Trump” written in black sharpie. Note that the iconic rainbow flag goes in ascending colour order from red to purple – and that Trump is holding it upside down. It was apparently held up in an act of solidarity, but if you can’t even hold the flag the correct way up doesn’t that just speak for itself?

Donald Trump has a well documented homophobic past (even his twitter account is proof enough), so why the sudden change of heart nearing election day?

It is widely believed that Trump was told to drop the homophobia in front of the cameras so that he could gain the LGBT vote and win the race, as his radical views on pretty much everything could only get him so far. I personally agree with this theory, and it fitted in nicely with this article.

Knowing this, I theorised that Trump is more than likely sick of putting on this act, and I wanted to represent that idea visually, so I drew him throwing up a rainbow. Inspired by the snapchat filter, he also has some cute blushing cheeks and sparkles – this will attract the attention of millennials that are familiar with the filter.

I then wanted to add some context to my image, so deciding what object he should be throwing up into was difficult. After some experimentation, I decided to settle for a ballot box, as it is a visual metaphor for all of the rubbish he spews to his followers and supporters.


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