Project Proposal

Pathway: Illustration

Project Title: Its Okay To Not Be Okay

Section 1: Review

Mental Health issues are something I, along with millions of other people, am well acquainted with. However, the people who are not so well acquainted with them well outweigh this number, and can sometimes be ignorant and insensitive about them.

1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year, ranging from something relatively common such as mixed anxiety and depression, to something relatively uncommon like Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder. 40% is a huge percentage of people in the UK to experience something as life changing as this, but it isn’t uncommon to feel very alone about it. It’s always encouraging to have a reminder that you are not defined by your issues, and that it’s okay to not be okay when times get tough.

Section 2: Project Concept

My idea for what I will produce during this project is heavily inspired by a company  I have been following for years; The Sad Ghost Club. They describe themselves as A club for anyone who’s ever felt sad or lost. It’s the club for those who don’t feel like they’re part of any other club”. They create merchandise smattered with positive affirmations and relatable issues for people who suffer from mental illnesses, helping them feel less alone and less alienated in their times of need. I really love how wholesome and genuine their message is while remaining cute and fun, and I hope to emulate this feeling in my own project.

I would like to produce some kind of merchandise (such as shirts, badges, tote bags, jumpers, etc) with positive messages surrounding mental illness, in order for it to be distributed to a wide range of people. This means it will be seen by many more people than just the person that owns the piece, thus spreading the message to a wider audience. I hope to help the fight to normalize and end the stigma surrounding mental illnesses through endearing, eye catching illustrations, and to let mentally ill people know that they are most definitely not alone.

Section 3: Evaluation

In order to evaluate my progress during this project, I will evaluate throughout the entire process as opposed to simply doing it for the finished product. In order to evaluate and rethink my action plans throughout, I will document my evaluations on blog posts accompanied by pictures and diagrams. This will allow me to manage my time more effectively, and even alter my project to better suit solutions to problems. For example, I will evaluate what I decide I will print onto my merchandise, and what merchandise I will be printing onto, and adjust them as needs be.

As usual, I will also do a large evaluation at the end of the project to reflect upon what I have achieved, what wrong and right decisions I made, whether the resolutions to my smaller evaluations were good ones, etc.

Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)

Project Action Plan and Timetable



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