Design to Sell: Evaluation

What happened in this project?

Design to Sell was the first project of our second year in GIGA, so it had a much more professional approach than last year. To ease us into this new approach we were briefed with power points and task sheets, and were given one-on-one guidance every week or so.

The overall outcome of this project was to create and design an item(s) to sell at a pop up shop that we had to brand, curate, and market as teams while still working together as a whole unit. I myself was on the branding team, and helped to create colour schemes and a logo.

For this project we needed to produce three things: a product(s), promotional designs for your product(s), and design development.

My range of products was a collection of button badges centring around the theme of Every Human – focusing upon and celebrating the Earth that allows us all to live. It was hugely inspired by Bob Ross, the wonderful man behind the hit show “The Joy Of Painting” which first aired in 1983. He was renowned for his ludicrously simple wet-on-wet oil painting techniques, crazy head of hair, and calming voice. I have been watching his show ever since I was a child, and wanted to pay homage to him through a line of products inspired by his gorgeous, mountainous paintings.

To do this I researched many of his paintings and watched many reruns of his show to see how he created his landscapes, and decided to do my own take on it digitally. I created five designs on Photoshop, only creating geometric shapes using the polygonal lasso tool. I wanted to make them aesthetically pleasing so carried out the geometric theme throughout each one, but altered the colour schemes and landscapes themselves. After creating the five designs, I whittled them down to my favourite three and polished them up on Photoshop until I was happy to print them for badge making. I then handmade each badge using a badge maker, creating nine 38mm badges of each design, and four 58mm badges of each design. This left me with a total of 39 badges to sell at the pop up shop.

Did you achieve what you originally set out to do in the project?

In short – no, I didn’t. The only part of my original intention that stayed true to my end project was creating landscape imagery, but pretty much everything else changed.

Originally I was going to create limited colour pallette silk screen images and make them into prints, but later realised just how many other people were creating prints and wanted to step outside of my comfort zone a little bit. I then had the idea of creating badges but soon realised that using silk screen images and shrinking them to fit a badge would not retain enough detail to properly make out what was on the badge, so decided to use a different medium to create my landscape.

After some consideration, I chose to experiment with Photoshop as I was not totally comfortable with using it and wanted to learn more about the programme. My first image came out so wonderfully that I decided to create all of my images using it, as I knew this would make them appear to be more cohesive as a range of products.

Did you learn any new skills during this project? Did you use any new equipment?

I definitely learned a lot more about using Photoshop during this project, and I am much more comfortable using it than I was before this project began. I also learned how to use a badge maker, which was exciting and oddly therapeutic. I used two different sized badge makers for two differently sized badges, but the process was more or less the same between the two. I had a lot of fun seeing my printed designs turn into my final products in my own hands!

What didn’t go so well during this project?

I really didn’t do very well at documenting my experimentation and development on this blog during this project. I also lost a whole day’s work on one of my designs which was rather devastating, so therefore lost another day trying to rectify what I had lost. This threw my time management completely off, meaning I had to put in more time at home to do research and development.

Was the pop up shop a success?

GIGA spent Wednesday afternoon putting together the pop up shop in our room, moving tables and chairs to create a nice selling space for each pathway. We all worked together really well and put together a good looking shop, and when the VIP’s arrived the room was packed! They all seemed to be enjoying themselves, and most of the GIGA crew had to leave the room in order to give them enough space to move around and browse all the products.


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