After deciding what the general premise of my project is, I decided to do some research into landscapes. Being a huge fan of Bob Ross, the work I have been creating is heavily influenced by him. I have been drawn to replicating mountainous scenes I have found online, and thought up in my head.

The above image is my first attempt at creating a scene, wherein I focused upon geometric shapes, light sources, and therefore where light and shadow would be cast. This was drawn without any reference.

landscape 2.png

The above image is my second attempt at creating a landscape with photoshop, and I lightly referenced this image to create it. At first I attempted to do the same kind of geometric shading on the mountains that I used in the first landscape, but later decided to experiment with gradients instead to see how they fared. Personally, I don’t believe that they are as effective as the other shadows because it gives no depth to the painting, only slight highlight and shadow, and the impression of mist at the feet of the mountains. Perhaps I could use it in conjunction with the other style of shading, but I don’t think it looks as effective alone.

To visualise how this could look on a badge, I inverted a circle marquee and filled the outside, showing it as a circle. I also decreased the size to see how much detail was retained.

landscape 2 circle.png I think that this simplistic design looks very aesthetically pleasing as a circle. It retains enough detail to give context and make it obvious as to what it is, and with this design there isn’t much detail to be lost.


Project Premise: Every Human

The idea for my project falls under the theme of Every Human. I have taken this theme very liberally and stripped it down to its very roots – what makes a human? What makes us similar, what makes us different? What unites us?

After a lot of mind maps and brain storms, I realised that the thing humans rely on the most is the Earth we live on. As far as we know, we are the only intelligent, sentient beings in the universe. Our existence is such a coincidence, and the chances of the Earth having such perfect conditions for our survival is extremely slim, yet here we are. Therefore, Every Human needs the Earth to live.