Personal Statement Drafting

Writing about the course

Why are you applying for your chosen course?

  • It will help me build a solid portfolio for jobs I apply for in the future
  • It is a subject I love to do, so I know I will have the motivation to see it through
  • It is something I have now studied for two years and know I want to pursue a career in

Why does this subject interest you? Include evidence that you understand what’s required to study the course.

  • I have been making art ever since I have been able to hold a crayon and paintbrush, and never really stopped since then
  • I would like to continue on from my 2 year ED to expand upon what I have already learned, cultivate my craft, and experience even more art making processes
  • I am interested in finding out about artists I have yet to look into, I want to find new inspiration
  • I would like to learn more about the history of Illustration and how it has shaped the industry today

Why do you think you’re suitable for the course? Do you have any particular skills and experience that will help you to succeed on the course?

  • I have been drawing my whole life unprofessionally, and have two years of studying art 24/7 under my belt
  • I am passionate about art – illustration in particular

Do your current or previous studies relate to the course that you have chosen? If so, how?

  • Did a two year BTEC Extended Diploma in Graphic Design, Illustration and Game Arts
    • Allowed me to experiment in each area and decide that I wanted to pursue Illustration
    • Gave me two years to study art – something which I had never done previously at GCSE or A-Level, let alone dedicated most of my time to

Have you taken part in any other activities that demonstrate your interest in the course?

  • I attended a Summer School at Plymouth University focusing upon Arts and Humanities

Skills and Achievements

Universities like to know the skills you have that will help you on the course, or generally with life at university, such as any accredited or non-accredited achievements. Write these down here.

  • I attended a week long Arts and Humanities Summer School at Plymouth University during the summer of 2015, which actually lead me to make the decision to leave Sixth Form and join PCA
  • I used to be a Rainbow, Cub, and Girl Guide
  • I used to be a member of Jazz band, Folk band,

Also think about any other achievements you’re proud of, positions of responsibility that you hold or have held both in and out of school, and attributes that make you interesting, special or unique.

  • I was chosen to be one of the Girl Guides that attended the Worldwide Centenary Jamboree at Tolmers’s CTT camp and represented Ivybridge Guides in 2011 – I also took care of the younger Guides/Brownies as I was one of the older kids
  • I mentored a tutor group of Year 7’s who just started at ICC when I was in Year 11

Hobbies and Interests

Make a list of your hobbies, interests and social activities. Then think about how they demonstrate your personality, skills and abilities. Try to link them to the skills and experience required for your course.

  • I play ukulele and sing
  • I like to bake
  • I go exploring a lot
  • I am sociable and enjoy making new friends
  • Attending conventions to meet people who inspired me (e.g. London Comic Con 2014 to meet Tom, Jack, Dean, Bethan…)

Work Experience

Include details of jobs, placements, work experience or voluntary work, particularly if it’s relevant to your chosen course . Try to link any experience to skills or qualities related to the course.

  • Joy King Chinese Takeaway, ~2 years paid evening job
    • Experience/Skills: working under pressure, leadership, prioritising, money handling (?), communication skills

Future Plans

If you know what you’d like to achieve after completing the course, explain how you want to use the knowledge and experience that you gain. How does the course relate to what you want to do in the future?

  • I would like to be a freelance illustrator
  • I can use my portfolio to apply to jobs if i should chose to change my mind
  • I will learn new processes I can use in my craft
  • I will gain experience in using Adobe CC programs proficiently which is important in industry
  • I will experience using new materials and mediums which will expand my knowledge and perhaps even my product range

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