Artist Research

Keri Rutabaga

Keri Rutabaga creates a wide range of digital paintings, a lot of which carry the theme of humans interacting with nature (and as seen in the example provided, being nature). I really love the style of her paintings, as they have wonderful colours that are bright and bold, and the highlights really make the paintings come alive.

I also really enjoy the style in which she paints – she doesn’t blend her colours to death which makes for some really interesting shapes and shadows, and she is unafraid to delve into an unorthodox colour pallet. It also means her art really walks the line between realism and cartoon, making her pieces seem all the more whimsical.

This related to the theme of “Every Human”, as every human interacts with nature on a near-daily basis. Humans could not exist without the Earth – its atmosphere, plants, and animals.

We are so far unsure of if we are alone in the universe, but what we do know is that the Earth’s temperature conditions, atmospheric elements, and a whole host of other components are miraculously perfectly suited to humans existing on it – so here we are. Humans could not naturally survive on any other planet at this moment in time, so every human is dependant on the Earth to survive.


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