GIGA Summer Project Masterpost

Task One: Chose your favourite body of work from PCA summer show and write down 3 reasons why it is your favourite.

My favourite piece from the summer show was Zack’s “Exploration of Comic Books”, as shown below.

Firstly, the two images he presented were absolutely stunning. I really love the composition of the left-hand image (which follows an “I” shaped poster structure), and how much depth Zack has managed to capture in it by paying very close attention to each element of the foreground, middleground, and background. The minute details such as the shading on each rock in the middleground really make the painting pop.

Secondly, the in the right-hand piece has a very Dark Souls vibe about it, which I really like. This painting also has very nice use of foreground and background to portray depth, and is very clever in how the bright torch light draws your eye in. After noting the light, your eyes wander to the mouth of the cave and the waterfall that lays outside of it, and then you are left to appreciate the texture of the cave itself. Very clever composition behind this piece also.

Finally, the use of light opposing dark in both pieces really makes them appear to be related images. The bright fiery colours really cut through the rest of the dark blues and browns and blacks, drawing your eye to them and allowing you to explore the rest of the painting(s).

Task Two: Fill a matchbox with things beginning with the first initial of your first name.

My matchbox contains:

  • Extinguished matches
  • An ear bud
  • Erasers
  • An elastic band
  • An eaten Pistachio
  • A pair of earphones
  • An earphone jack

Full set of photographs from our baking escapades can be found here on imgur so they can be seen in all their high resolution glory.

Credits go to Dan Skillman for his lovely photography!

Task 4: Interview a maker/seller

For this task, I interviewed a popular artist from Instagram, Frannerd.

Q: Who are you? What do you do for a living?

A: My name is Fran Meneses and I am a full-time freelance Illustrator and online shop owner. I work from my home in London, UK, where I not only Illustrate but create YouTube videos!

Q: Do you enjoy working from home?

A: Yes I do! It can be lonely sometimes but I love all the freedoms it brings. It means I can plan my days out how I want them to be, such as when I take breaks for coffee, lunch, and exercise. 

Q: How do you structure your days when you work? How about your weeks?

A: I usually break my days up into working from roughly 10am-6pm and taking 3 breaks in those hours – 2 for coffee (15-30 mins) and 1 for lunch (1hr 30mins). I like to keep my evenings free for me to relax. As for my weeks I like to spend 5 days working in some way, 1 day working on my house (cleaning, washing clothes, etc), and 1 day I leave open for friends. If I don’t meet any friends on that day I usually end up working anyway!

Q: What do you enjoy doing alongside your job?

A: I really love to exercise 3 times a week, watch TV shows on netflix, and play with my cats. I really love my job so i spend most of my life drawing!

Q: Where do you sell your illustrations and why?

A: I sell most of my illustrations through Etsy because it is very user-friendly, and an interface I am comfortable and used to. However, I also take client commissions via my email address for custom work and more expensive pieces.

Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring maker/seller?

A: Don’t be afraid to experiment and branch out. Build yourself a good platform and audience for your work and sell it on a platform you have researched and are comfortable with. Which brings me onto the point of DO YOUR RESEARCH ON EVERYTHING!!! It makes your life so much easier in the long run, and you will be happier when your head is filled with knowledge on something. Take every opportunity you can to improve yourself as an artist, and most of all have fun! 🙂

Task Five: Follow 10 new creative professionals on Instagram.

I have followed a fair few more than 10, so here is a small selection of them.












Task Six: Find out about an exhibition. Go to the exhibition. Draw something at the exhibition.











PCA Made@EU exhibition

Task Seven: Photograph 10 visually interesting door numbers 1-10.

First and foremost, after walking around many different local areas I simply could not find any notably interesting door numbers, especially not in such a niche of numbers for 1-10. Secondly, even if I had, I would have felt very odd walking up to people’s front doors just to take a picture of the number on it. To remedy this, I searched online to complete this task.

Task Eight: Look up the meaning of ‘Identity Packages’ and make a board of examples on Pinterest.

Identity Packages are a way to create a coherent identity for your brand. They are often sold by design companies, so that the brand they are sold to can really become a brand, instead of being a company behind a logo.

Brands go far deeper than just a logo (while the logo is an integral part of it – it is almost the signature of the company), they include everything from name, letters, numbers, shapes, a slogan, a specific typeface, etc. Everything on that list except name can be changed and altered throughout the brands lifetime, which is known as “rebranding”.

Identity packages seem very repetitive, which is not a bad thing! This allows for a coherent theme to flow through products, business cards, packaging, letterheads, envelopes, among other things – which in turn really helps in creating a successful campaign.

You can click this link to check out my board of examples!

Task Nine: Collage your own name using lettering from waste packaging.

Stuck down using (very bad) old tape that should be in the trash onto recycled paper!

Packaging letters found from places including (but not limited to): Milkybar Buttons, Haribo, Kitkat, and Wilko.

Task Ten: Find 4 local design agencies and outline their specialisms.

Shred Creative

Shred are a four-man, Plymouth-based full service creative agency that opened in 2007. They specialise in branding, designing, and printing – often pairing design with application in things such as new web platforms, nice paper, etc. They are also well versed in managing media, print, andsocial media.


Altitude are an award-wining creative agency based in Royal William Yard. They specialise in graphic design, website development, and marketing communications. They believe focusing on the words “Challenge, Solution, and Results” when approaching a client proposal sets them apart from other agencies.


Matrix are a full service creative agency that was established in 2002. They specialise in graphic design, website design, branding, digital, print, andmarketing. From their home in Ivybridge, they also offer services inpackaging, 3D product visualisation, publications, and illustration.

N9 Design 

N9 Design is a creative communication agency that opened in 2004. They specialise in graphic design, illustration, animation and digital marketing. From their home in the South of Bristol, they are “equally at home” with collaborate with other creative specialists in marketing,animation, film, motion graphics, etc.


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