Design to Sell


“This project is designed to enhance your professional practice and your maturity as an artist or designer. The skills and knowledge you will gain in this project will be transferable in any chosen academic or career path. It will also give you a greater insight of the Graphics, Illustration or Game Arts industries outside of college.  You will explore your pathway in a business focused environment, this brief is about creativity, collaboration and commercialism.

Collaboration will be explored and celebrated through group work and ensuring each student has a voice is vital to the success of this project. Listening, having respect for the opinions of others and acting in the best interest of the group will be key components to this project.”

This project is all about planning and producing a product/s to be sold at a GIGA Design to Sell pop-up shop. The product/s must comply with one of the three themes given in the brief – “Women Fashion Power“, “Mind Games” or “Every Human”.

In the project, we will explore our target audiences, our competitors the wider industry, developing business plans professional budgets, and marketing strategies. Collaboration with peers is crucial in this project, as we will not only be creating products, but planning, promoting, and setting up our shops. However, this does not mean we aren’t encouraged to work as an individual designer. We are being encouraged to develop our knowledge of the industry we are interested in persuing and broadening our visual language.

Within our little sub-groups (Graphic Design, Illustration, Game Arts), we will become a member of a design group and be given a specialised role that will link into either branding, marketing, or curating.

To start the ball rolling with some ideas for my products, I have done an introductory mind map.



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